"Robert was a life-saver for us. Working as an uber-small over taxed team, Robert came in and instantly breathed new life into a web migration project we were working on. He's a CSS wizard for sure. Took clunky elements of our site and made them shiny and gorgeous. And mobile? Holy cow, Robert took our outdated looking mobile site and transformed it into a pure beauty. I've lobbied numerous times to bring Robert on board with us full-time and if I had the power to make that happen, I would've done it yesterday."
“Robert was a great asset to the Web Services team at Butler University. He provided countless hours of assistance with a large project involving the migration of over 140 websites and 4,000 web pages into a new content management system. He was known to research and solve problems on his own with minimal supervision. Robert has proven that he is capable of juggling multiple responsibilities and providing leadership when appropriate.”
"I had the good fortune of working with Robert on the Web Services Team at Butler University. He's a diligent, knowledgeable, and really enjoyable co-worker."
“Robert was a hard worker who made sure that his tasks were completed on or ahead of time. He often would go an extra mile and do more than he was asked to do. He was a big help to me and many others on our team.”